Rock n Roll

24 Feb

“I come from a place where Brix weigh a tonne/ where everybody wants to be loaded like a gun”

This track was produced by French Hip Hop producer DJ Diaze. I met him at Jonzi D‘s house years ago, he’d heard some of my stuff and asked me to feature on some of his stuff. In 2005 I ended up traveling to Valenciennes in France and recorded about 3 tracks and a couple of collabos. Zena Edwards and Lyric L were also doing some recording at that time with him. For this track, each verse existed independently but they seemed to work together as a track. The track looks at Brixton, me leaving my 9 -5 to follow my passion for music and the feeling that at any minute, London was gonna turn into some sort of a nanny state.

The first verse was influenced by some of the things going on in my estate in the 90s. Young people being seduced by the streets, drugs, a few rival crews, prostitution, muggings etc. But the notorious Brixton has changed a lot over the years and remains one of the liveliest and most fascinating places in London. There’s also been a lot of gentrification in the area. We said goodbye to Woolworths and said hello to H&M and Starbucks. I don’t see the music lady anymore selling her hand crafted art. She was an elderly lady who made a comb sound like a harmonica! Children are louder, house prices are sky high and there are more betting shops than book shops. I have a love-hate relationship with Bricky; it’s my Gotham city, which would make me Bruce Wayne I guess.

I’ll put up some of the other tracks I did with Diaze in the coming weeks. For now have a listen to Rock n Roll (don’t actually know why it was called that). Thanks to everyone who’s been emailing me feedback, it’s been very helpful. Leave your comments spread the blog. Like it, reblog, RT it, link it, digg it and whatever else you guys do lol. Let’s Rock n Roll!


2 Responses to “Rock n Roll”

  1. LyricL February 24, 2011 at 2:52 pm #

    Enriched piece…looking forward to hearing, reading, seeing and feeling more! One good turn … ThanQ!! 1L♥

  2. imoan February 25, 2011 at 1:34 am #

    This track has a proper 90’s hip hop feel to it both track and lyrical flow.

    It’s amazing how you have changed / refined your style over the years.

    The content of the last verse.. banner, scanner, tony Montana, bandana, Hosanna, ban-her… seeesseh!

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