Email, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Skype, Blogs…

10 Mar

“This is a story about the email or maybe I should say about a female…”

Back in the day if you wanted to link someone for business or pleasure, it was all about getting the digits. This slowly evolved into what’s your email address. Then we went from websites to myspace to facebook to twitter to skype to blogs and probably back to myspace? I doubt it. Nowadays people want to know if you’re on facebook, twitter, linkedin and loads more that I know nothing about and don’t want to either. I’ve got my hands full with my yahoo, gmail, fb and twitter. I know a lot of people knock social media but personally as a freelance artist that works from home a lot, Fb and twitter are like my work colleagues. During the years I locked myself away to work on my writing, they were my news at 10, councellor, adviser you name it. Too much of it is not good but it solves the immediate problem of wanting some sort of interaction during hours that most people can’t physically interact. It’s become somewhat of the modern day journal with thoughts plastered into cyberspace where the debris must be so dense it’s hard for spaceships to pass through.

Anyways this tune is called Email was one of my favs but I never got a chance to perfect it (studio mishap). I can’t remember where I got the sample from, I just knew it would work. It was fun to write, a little storytelling reminiscent of when I used to play Biggie non stop. I invited Estelle to bless the track and she came through. I was a bit of a taskmaster in the studio that day but Estelle handled herself well, she was a tough cookie lol. Estelle if you’re reading this, I’ve got bars for your future tracks sis, holla! DJ Harry Love’s on the cut.


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