Everything is Nothing

17 Mar

It’s so easy to think that you’re the only person going through something. It’s even easier to think that your problems are larger than anyone else’s. I know this ‘cos I’ve thought this myself on several occassions. I think last year was the worst year I’ve ever experienced both mentally and emotionally. However, last January the devastation that occured in Haiti put what I was going through into perspective. One thing I’ve learnt is that everyone is going through something. Some of the things that I think are worth crying about or losing sleep over are child’s play compared to what some people or families have to deal with.

Everything is nothing is basically saying, nothing in life is really important apart from what is really important in life. Sometimes the problem is that we make our problems really important, when really, really and truly they are not. The day I was going to record this song with Kevin Mark Trail (amazing vocalist from The Streets), we had a car accident. It would’ve been so easy to rant and rave about everything but instead we just gave thanks to God that we were still alive. This is the demo version we recorded.



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