Title for EP

30 Apr

Hi guys, hope you’re doing well. I’m having a lovely lazy weekend thanks to Prince William (the Duke) and Kate (the Duchess) or as my friend Karl Nova renamed him: Prince William Adebowale Babatunde Nova.  No music this week, just catching up with myself and planning ahead. I’m planning to drop a downloadable EP next month and am looking for a good title.  As it’s a collection of unreleased tracks I’ve done over the years, I was gonna call it THE WILDERNESS.  Then I thought as I’m pushing out music again, I’ll call it PUSH (plus there’s a song I have by that name).  Then someone came up with BREIS, RHYMES & LIFE.  I’m feeling that one.  Someone also suggested THE MC ZONE – sort of like the hip hop phantom zone which is really about that place where you get stuck as an MC and don’t know how to move forward.  I was in that zone a few years ago and so this would be symbolic of me coming out of that zone and moving forward.  Anyways, I wanted your thoughts on this one. What do you think I should call it? Either one of the titles mentioned or maybe you have a better one. Let me know


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