A Fruitful 2013

3 Jan


Greetings fremily,

Hope you’re enjoying the year so far. I’d like to declare a fruitful 2013 to you and your family. Motto for the year: “Let’s Do This!”

2012 saw me working with some amazing artists and recording new music, recording an audiobook with D’Lux Beats (OUT March), taking part in my first TEDx event, shooting a new music video (coming soon), delivering inspiring Hip Hop Edu workshops to 1000s of students alongside Karl Nova. Meeting some incredible people, being introduced as a Hip Hop author, running a 10k race, getting fitter (thanks to RunDem crew and Spartanfam).

One of the biggest lessons I learnt from last year was that I need to stop doing things last minute dot com and I need to keep my supporters posted with what I’m doing in good time. Time management is key this year. A big thank you to all who came to my shows, bought my book, downloaded or played my music, retweeted a tweet, liked my page, blogged about the  music, referred me for amazing projects, encouraged me, prayed for me…I THANK YOU.

To paraphrase some words from Kendrick Lamar: My New Year’s revolution is to stop all the pollution, talk too motherlovin much, I got my drink, I got my music, I WILL SHARE IT, but today I’m yelling please don’t kill my vibe, please don’t kill my vibe…


Do share and comment. Thanks





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