Without my people, I’m a fish out of water

18 Mar

860364_10200153816783678_329201310_o6 years ago was the last time I officially released any music. It’s taken me this long to find the desire and strength to enter back into the music arena again. Don’t get me wrong I’ve still been doing music but not on a commercial level. Why so long? I didn’t find the UK music scene very encouraging, didn’t have a solid infrastructure around me and was too proud to put in the hard work required at the time. Whether I admitted it or not, I subconsciously quit the UK music scene. I remember promoting my song, “Identity” in Nigeria for three weeks and got more done in those 3 weeks than a whole year in the UK. I was on radio, TV and numerous TV channels were playing my video which led me to believe that this is where I was appreciated and needed to be (I can hear my cousins all shouting, “Yes now, I’ve been saying this for years!”) Was my hustling mind set different over there or was there just more support from the industry out there? I don’t know the answer, probably a bit of both. I came back to London thinking I’ll be moving to Nigeria soon but life had other plans.

Meanwhile I decided to get myself into the position where I didn’t have to be dependent on friends and family to support my music. The thought of pressuring them to “support” me was quite sickening. This led to me doing the complete opposite, sometimes I wouldn’t say a word about what I was doing music wise (I’m getting over this slowly but surely now). I focused on my Hip Hop educational business where I had more control of the outcomes. I could make things happen, there were no gatekeepers deciding whether or not I got played on the radio or reviewed in a magazine. I was making a difference and being encouraged along the way. I wrote a book and even more doors opened for me. “Music? Ain’t nobody got time for that”, I thought. However at the back of my mind I knew there was still some unfinished business to take care of and music was the root of what my business was about anyway.
(Pic of Myself and KRS-One)

So I started making plans to get closer to music again and started to record the audio version of my book, a Hip Hop audiobook of music and narration “Brilliant Rappers Educate Intelligent Students”. I worked with a sound engineer and producer by the name of D’lux Beats who was amazing. A mentor suggested I turn it into an EP for those that didn’t want to listen to all the narration, so that’s how “The Brilliant EP” was born. I shot 2 music videos back to back, one was for the lead single “Strictly” which I’m hoping you’ve seen already (if not see it here) The second one for another song from the EP called ‘Only Human’. I’ve also been inspired by some artists around me releasing material and putting in mad work like Karl Nova, TY, Genesis Elijah, GhostPoet, Eklipse, Vula, Terri Walker (with her new group ‘Lady’), Tawiah to name just a few. This time around, the focus is different and the mission is clearer. I’m fuelled by God’s grace, the possibility of greatness, humility, fans, family, supporters and even the haters and doubters. Before, I used to focus on the gatekeepers and almost started doing it again this time around… but it’s not about the gatekeepers; it’s about the reason I started doing this in the first place, for the love of the art. For the people that get it. It’s about People Power! I’m not afraid to ask for your support anymore. I’m blessed to have a stronger support system around me this time, it’s still tough but your support has been awesome and I’m grateful for you all. This project is just the appetiser, the campaign is simmering, there’s still a lot more on the way and I need you to get on board the train in any way you can. Whether it’s buying the audiobook or the EP when it’s out. Buying the single today. Blogging about it, email me questions, RT tweets, subscribe to the Youtube page, DJs play the tunes… If you’re not feeling it, it’s not a problem; I got something else for you that you might love haha. Come out to the shows, the shows are ridiculous. Basically what I’m saying is that without you, this doesn’t make as much sense. I do this for my people…Strictly For My People.
It’s OUT NOW to buy on iTunes

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