My Addiction

2 Feb



This is an audible affordable amphetamine
Music is medicine recordable adrenalin
I’m in the lab cooking it up like it was heroin
My motto nowadays is never let the devil win
The music dealer, soul healer, almost mind reader
Rhyme deeper from divine ether. Feed a
Habit and it grows it shows when I’m at shows
Highs and lows, Cortexiphan Tequila in my flows
In my shows, I can make a drunken crowd sober
Tear the roof off; give alcohol a hangover
The Ruler’s here doing lines over a cooler snare
Leave mans suffocating in a room full of air
Children go crazy ladies wanna pull their hair
Drool and stare till they fall off a stool or chair
There’s no concealing it they’re feeling it
When they’re receiving it, I’ve even tried leaving it – addiction

I left music it was bittersweet; of course I missed a beat
I was forced to sip defeat, no remorse up in the street
Now I’m back they don’t believe in me, that’s their testimony
I’m a Jack-of-all-trades and a Master of Ceremony
Screaming in a vacuum, freezing in a heat wave
Drowning in a puddle never mumble on a beat made
My Serotonin level is hell, this is hopeless
I used to be Dopamine where’s my focus?
I stop and drop the habit but an addict has a habit
Of falling off the wagon now I’m bragging that I have it
Help me Lord, help me help me help me Lord
So I can be clean and the show the people what I mean
Elevate my fellow mate let’s be great and celebrate
Levitate your mental state, lyrically self medicate
Fall victim to it, get through it or face eviction
I feel for you…if you’re dealing with addiction

Labels are a Pharmacy, pharmaceuticals harming me
My armoury stopping them, from tryna pop my harmony
That’s why you hardly see me on the scene
Mp3s go unseen into a fiend’s bloodstream
Just give me one team to distribute a sixteen
Inhaling hi hats since I was a sick teen
Junkies want 16s, F64s and hooks
I’m getting work doing workshops, tours and books
Headphones are my syringes, beat binges
My English feels tinglish, it’s off the hinges
Sniffing samples in the studio to get my fix
Lyrical hustler giving the customer the mix
My fans are my support group; I love you all
You pick me up when I’m tired, doubt myself or fall
I don’t play with word play – that’s a contradiction
And any time I rhyme – Add diction

Addiction by @MrBreis, Copyright 2015

I wrote this song to explore the theme of addiction. No music for it yet but I thought I’d share the lyrics. Hope you enjoy, feel free to share and leave a comment on your thoughts or favourite lines. Peace



One Response to “My Addiction”

  1. Jill from up the hill... February 7, 2015 at 7:57 pm #

    Brilliant Breis….I Love This! I wish I wrote this about my own typing addiction n poetry….ab fab n hits the shot spot coz I am an addict to writing, its my music that does not play yet reads right into the eyes from my veins to your minds…& NO…”I don’t play with word play – that’s a contradiction
    And any time I rhyme – Add diction” *dusts hands, wipes mobile device screen and turns head back to watch the movie…sniffs…had my fix! Smiles😊

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