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Urban Culture Academy/Felabration

26 Sep

Greetings Fremily,

I hope this meets you well. We’re coming up to the last quarter of 2016 (this year’s been a bit of a mad one) and I’m currently busy preparing for 2017. I’m working on new music (thanks for your patience) and doing a lot of international Hip Hop education work through my company, Student of Life. This year we’ve been across the UK, to the Netherlands and Malaysia to deliver motivational talks, rap performances and interactive writing workshops and this week we hit Germany to deliver a songwriting and poetry workshop to artists and students at the Urban Culture Academy in Cologne, as part of the Urban Africa Festival.

If you’re a Headteacher, primary school teacher, Librarian, Literacy co-ordinator, Science or PSHE teacher please take a look at our website Click here

For all my Afrobeat lovers in the UK, its that time of year we celebrate the godfather, Fela Kuti. I’ll be performing at this year’s Felabration alongside some other awesome artists. Taking place at the Camden Electric Ballroom on OCTOBER 7th. Hope to see you there. Peace and love

– Brother Reaching Each Inner Soul


Brixton Youth Open Mic & The Bridge

12 Aug

Hey Fremily, a couple of events I’ll be hosting/performing at this weekend. The first being the Brixton youth open mic event at The Ritzy on August 13. Brixton, Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, SW2 1JG London. Calling the talented kids and teens of South London to have a place to share their performance skills on a real stage in a real live venue. Either to practise mic techniques, or maybe just try a real stage out for the first time ever! Dancers, comedians, poets, singers, musicians and actors all welcome to join our friendly, welcoming and non-competitive environment.

Age: 11 – 17 years
Sign up: 1:30pm, 
Performances/good times: 2pm – 4.30pm.

*This is a family & community event. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult, and even if they’re old enough to be alone – the more the merrier!  

Next up on Sunday August 14th there is The Bridge taking place at Hungerford Bridge at the Southbank Centre (next to Wagamamas). This annual Hip Hop community all day event is brought to you by Scanners Inc. There will be dance workshops throughout the afternoon, great for the young and mature. In the evening the legendary Hip Hop block party vibes proceed. Be ready to dance and have a wonderful time. Myself and Ty will be your hosts. DJs on the day include Handson Family, Big Ted, Andre, 279 and more.


AKS – Train of Thought EP Review

22 Jul

AKS_TOT_02-1024x6833 years ago AKS’ dropped a classic EP – The Bus Stop EP! Truth Be Told, I’ve been patiently anticipating his sophomore project and am delighted it’s finally here. It picks up where its predecessor left off entitled Train of Thought. Apart from being a one of the UK’s top lyricists, AKS has a knack for choosing great music to flow to. Back like he never left, the EP starts off with the energetic title track, Train of Thought produced by Kefas, co produced by AKS and Self Taught beats. The lyrics here set the mood for the EP and break down AKS’ journey in music. When he begins to croon the line  “look how far I’ve come but there’s still a long way to go”, so many artists will nod their head knowing that this is a predominant feeling when you’ve made mad moves but still have bigger goals to reach. aks-train-of-thought-ep Stay With Me is next up with a soulful soundscape and a barrage of lyrics full of deft wordplay. Real Deal shows off AKS’ vivid lyrical imagery accompanied by one of my favourite vocalists and songwriters, Obenewa. A lot of the EP (including this song) was produced by DemDrums who did an awesome job. Still is full of dope one liners like “I’m trying to feed my people but I don’t do trap”. Talk To Me, has a bass heavy, laid-back groove perfect for AKS’ distinctive flow and voice. He’s always been confident to sing melodic hooks and does a great job here. Who Cares might be my favourite tracks, jazzy and emotive. Coming Home is AKS’ manifesto stating he’s here to stay and do this thing called music. The EP ends with Freedom of Being Free showing his integrity in his approach to music and ends with the words “I am not a product of my environment, my environment is a product of me” BOOM!! Overall I’m really feeling the whole project and like the way he uses the theme of travel to tell his story. In the outro AKS arrives at the airport and is asked how his journey was so far to which he replies “it was delayed, but I’m here now”.  A clever metaphor for the ups and downs many independent artists experience in the UK. Can’t wait to hear how he takes off in full flight from here. Download your copy.

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/AKSonline

Website: http://www.aksmusic.co.uk

Stay with me video


Mini European Tour Dates

21 Nov

Hi guys

Just a quick update. I’ll be on a mini Europe tour with funky French group, Horndogz. The dates are as follows:

DOORS 22:00 // ENTRY: €8

SAT NOV 23 @ Lederergasse 8, 92224 Amberg, Bayern, Germany

SUN NOV 24 @ Stall 6, Gessnerallee 8, 8001 Zürich

If you have peoples in those areas, let them know there’s gonna be a funky Hip Hop show for them to check out.


Only Human (Trailer)

11 Sep

I’m really excited about this video. Enjoy the trailer. Join the conversation online using #OnlyHuman


Only Human TEASER

12 Aug

Subscribe to my Youtube channel for new video updates.

The Hip Hop Audiobook

26 Mar

Greetings fremily

It is with great pleasure that I can finally announce that my Hip Hop audiobook is OUT on iTunes!! I am so excited hahaha. It’s been an amazing journey and I’ve learnt a lot during the process about myself as an artist, my voice, the art of recording, working with others etc. When I decided to create this audio version of my book, there was no exact blueprint for it so I kind of made it up as I went along and the outcome has been more than satisfying. In a sense this is my first album (although technically speaking it’s not) and I believe it has something for everyone. When I think about it, this is the culmination of my work over the last twelve years on the stage and in the classroom. I do hope you enjoy it and would REALLY appreciate your feedback whether you write to me directly or leave a review on iTunes. So here it is people, happy listening.




(The download appears as one long track, but this is what it entails)
1. It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop
2. Landmarks & Spencer
3. Think Big
4. Your Favourite MC
5. Wahala
6. Only Human
7. No Condition is Permanent
8. Strictly
9. It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop 2
10. Fill in the Rap
11. Identity
12. Don’t Forever Hold Your Peace
13. Fear of Failure
14. Sharon
15. Jammin on the bus
16. Mocking Bird
17. It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop 3

Click here to Purchase your copy

1st single from Audiobook/EP

18 Feb


Greetings Fremily,
Hope this meets you well. I will be uploading music from my audiobook (out in March 2013) for you guys to hear bit by bit. The first track is a song you might have heard before, called STRICTLY (for my people) featuring the amazing vocals of Eska Mtungwazi. Watch out for the visuals of Strictly by the end of the month. Keep connected via twitter also.
Bloggers and DJs please hit me up at bambreis@yahoo.co.uk for instrumentals, acapellas, other exclusives and info regarding release. Thank you

Like You Never

15 Feb


I’m really excited about TY’s “Kick, Snare and an Idea”EP. The first song from the EP is “Like You Never”. I had the pleasure of hearing him perform this soulful jam recently, it was awesome. Put the 10th April in your diary for the Jazz Cafe release party too, not gonna give away any spoilers but it’s an event you don’t wanna regret missing. See you there!

Feb/March – Shows and School Visits

2 Feb

PZE e-Flyer Feb 2013 JF & Breis

There are a few more tbc shows and visits, but here’s an idea of what Feb and March are gonna be like for me. Kicking off the month with the amazing Jazz Club in Soho. I’ve never played there before, so looking forward to it.

Feb 3 – Pizza Express Jazz club, London (Live Show)

Feb 5 – TLA School, Colchester (Performance/Workshops)

Feb 6 – Marshalls Park, Romford (Book signing)

Feb 7 – Conisborough College, London (Performance/Workshops)

Feb 8 – King’s Place, London (Performance)

Feb 12 – Harris Academy, South Norwood (Performance/Workshops)

Feb 14 – Conisborough College, London (Performance)

Feb 21 – Panelist on DigiAfrica, Nigeria Social Media Week (Panelist discussion)

Feb 23 – Queens Park library, London (Workshop)

Feb 23 – Rock the Runway, London Top Model of Colour (Performance)

Mar 5 – Fircroft Primary School. London (Performance/Workshops)

Mar 7 – Park High School, London (Performance/Workshops)

Mar 13 – Urmston Grammar School, Manchester (Performance/Workshops)

Mar 16 – A night of Diversity Showcase, London (Performance)

Mar 19 –  Tubbenden school, London (Performance/Workshops)

Mar 29-31 – Festival performance, Lithuania (Live Show)

Jazz Refreshed

26 Oct

If you were at the Jazz Refreshed birthday gig I did here a few years ago, you already know the deal. If not, then don’t miss this one! This’ll probably be my only live show in London for the rest of 2012. It’s gonna be a blessed night, bring a friend. This is where ‘Fremily’ was born.

You are who you are

10 Feb

“Celebrate who you are, a reflection of a star…”

This is an unreleased track called You Are produced by Justin ‘Top Rock’ of the Uprock crew. A very gifted musician, artist and all round top bloke. You can catch him DJing or chilling at Jazz refreshed every Thursday at Mau Mau bar on Portobello rd, West London. The chorus vocals are by the beautiful and awesome Drea Parks. The tune is multi-textured and sweet like pounded yam and spinach soup with smooth supermalt guitar riffs that help wash the vocals down nicely (I was slightly hungry when writing this). Bon appetite.

2 Thousand and Elevation

25 Jan

Greetings fremily!

Music lovers, Hip Hop heads and blogaholics, I greet you all and wish you a productive 2011.  Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is BREIS (pronounced breeze) which stands for Brother Reaching Each Inner Soul.  I’m an Emcee, Educator, Writer and Entrepreneur. Over the last few years I’ve taken a break from music and concentrated on building up my Arts Education company called Student of Life.  After a long hiatus, 2011 marks the prodigal son’s return. I recently had an epiphany; it was that perfectionism is a major cause of procrastination.  Last December I came across a CD with a track I recorded with Estelle about 9 years ago. The data files had gotten damaged (flood in the studio) and I never got the chance to redo my vocals. I remember thinking it wasn’t good enough to make the album, so I just left it.  Listening to it again I realised that even though the track was nowhere near perfect, it was still dope! I soon discovered another track, then another and another until finally I had an imperfect, unheard album on my hand. I had to laugh. I’d been trying to make an album for years and didn’t realise I already had one in my possession, despite its imperfections.

Music is for sharing and so I’ve decided to share some of these tracks with suspect vocals, dodgy singing all included. Each week I will be sharing a track  that I’ve recorded over the last 10 years.  Some are unreleased, unfinished, under the radar and there are a few cool collaborations too.  I will also be giving some background information on how these tracks came to be.  Hopefully sometime in March, I’ll be uploading a free EP for you to download. Feel free to give me feedback and share your thoughts and spread it like butter on toast via fb, twitter et al.  This is a cleansing period for me, both spiritually and musically. Out with the old to make room for the new. First up will be my debut single (2001), Sounds so Fresh.

P.S. fremily = friends and family