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Urban Culture Academy/Felabration

26 Sep

Greetings Fremily,

I hope this meets you well. We’re coming up to the last quarter of 2016 (this year’s been a bit of a mad one) and I’m currently busy preparing for 2017. I’m working on new music (thanks for your patience) and doing a lot of international Hip Hop education work through my company, Student of Life. This year we’ve been across the UK, to the Netherlands and Malaysia to deliver motivational talks, rap performances and interactive writing workshops and this week we hit Germany to deliver a songwriting and poetry workshop to artists and students at the Urban Culture Academy in Cologne, as part of the Urban Africa Festival.

If you’re a Headteacher, primary school teacher, Librarian, Literacy co-ordinator, Science or PSHE teacher please take a look at our website Click here

For all my Afrobeat lovers in the UK, its that time of year we celebrate the godfather, Fela Kuti. I’ll be performing at this year’s Felabration alongside some other awesome artists. Taking place at the Camden Electric Ballroom on OCTOBER 7th. Hope to see you there. Peace and love

– Brother Reaching Each Inner Soul


The Right Person

24 Apr

Currently in Lagos, Nigeria promoting my new single produced by Dr. Frabz entitled, ‘The Right Person’. A fun and upbeat track about finding love with that special someone. Featuring singer songwriter, Ebisan and male vocalist Mide on the chorus. Hope you enjoy it and share it with as many people as possible. #TheRightPerson


1 May


In Nigeria and around the world, families are crying, people are tired, people are scared, fed up with government, politicians and Ogas (bosses) at the top. By now you might’ve heard about the story of the 200 plus girls that were abducted from a school in the Northern part of Nigeria. The fundamentalist group Boko Haram (meaning “Western education is forbidden” in Hausa language) has been blamed for abducting the girls from their school in Chibok, Borno state.

Boko Haram has been terrorising parts of Nigeria over the last few years. Last month there was a bomb blast at a bus stop in Abuja, killing 75 people. It’s estimated that 1,500 people have been killed by them this year alone.
A lot of blame is being directed at President Jonathan Goodluck and his security chiefs, as their initial silence over this matter has been deafening and there appears to be no real sense of urgency or importance on the matter. Where is the intelligence, where was the security? Apparently (this is not official) over the last few years, a guestimated 76bn Naira was allocated to CCTV budget in that area of Nigeria. Where is the evidence of this money being spent? Nigeria recently celebrated the fact that the nation had the highest GDP in Africa, which to me sounds like a comedian’s joke that got no laughs, no claps, just tumbleweed. Poverty is rife but the wealth of the wealthy is unbelievable. The sleeping giant of Africa is being watched by the world, I pray it wakes up.

This is truly a sad story that hasn’t really garnered the global media attention that say a Madeleine McCann story has. Maybe it’s easier to focus and report one girl missing because 234 isn’t computable in our brains. That’s over 200 parents going crazy with frustration and fear. Over 200 families crying for help. Fathers leaving crying mothers to search for their girls in the forest where they were taken to and returning with nothing. Rumours are flying about that the young women have now been sold to militants as brides. There’s not much we can do but hope and pray, but the least we can do is raise awareness and force change via social media, which is slowly beginning to happen. Marches are taken place across Nigeria in Abuja, Lagos and Ibadan. Below is a link to a petition I recently signed. Thanks for reading and sharing.

LONDON: Please join us outside the Nigerian Embassy to show our support for the girls and their families. 1pm Saturday. NigerianEmbassy, 9 Northumberland Ave, London WC2N 5BX
#bringbackourgirls Wear red if you can.