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Prof Chinua Achebe and Legacy

1 Apr

“I love my culture, love my heritage/ but every where I turn – depicted as negative” – Strictly

Image by Onyinye
On March 21st 2013, the world lost Professor Chinua Achebe. My eyes welled up as I heard the news and was completely dazed for a few hours. I wasn’t sure why. Maybe it was the fact that he contributed to part of my childhood memories, my education, my respect for writers. It’s been ages since I read one of the world’s greatest novels: “Things Fall Apart” published in 1958 and it’s time to revisit it. The one thing I thought about after I recovered, was how beautiful it is when a man or woman leaves a legacy behind. Are you working on your legacy?

As a writer and musician, this quote is my motto. We have to write our own story, make our own documentaries, document our lives, teach our children our stories and encourage them to write theirs. Through my music and my books I’m writing my own story, creating my own narrative and controlling the narrative (I got that bit from Nikita). Tell your story, work on your legacy.


1st single from Audiobook/EP

18 Feb


Greetings Fremily,
Hope this meets you well. I will be uploading music from my audiobook (out in March 2013) for you guys to hear bit by bit. The first track is a song you might have heard before, called STRICTLY (for my people) featuring the amazing vocals of Eska Mtungwazi. Watch out for the visuals of Strictly by the end of the month. Keep connected via twitter also.
Bloggers and DJs please hit me up at bambreis@yahoo.co.uk for instrumentals, acapellas, other exclusives and info regarding release. Thank you