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Brixton Youth Open Mic & The Bridge

12 Aug

Hey Fremily, a couple of events I’ll be hosting/performing at this weekend. The first being the Brixton youth open mic event at The Ritzy on August 13. Brixton, Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, SW2 1JG London. Calling the talented kids and teens of South London to have a place to share their performance skills on a real stage in a real live venue. Either to practise mic techniques, or maybe just try a real stage out for the first time ever! Dancers, comedians, poets, singers, musicians and actors all welcome to join our friendly, welcoming and non-competitive environment.

Age: 11 – 17 years
Sign up: 1:30pm, 
Performances/good times: 2pm – 4.30pm.

*This is a family & community event. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult, and even if they’re old enough to be alone – the more the merrier!  

Next up on Sunday August 14th there is The Bridge taking place at Hungerford Bridge at the Southbank Centre (next to Wagamamas). This annual Hip Hop community all day event is brought to you by Scanners Inc. There will be dance workshops throughout the afternoon, great for the young and mature. In the evening the legendary Hip Hop block party vibes proceed. Be ready to dance and have a wonderful time. Myself and Ty will be your hosts. DJs on the day include Handson Family, Big Ted, Andre, 279 and more.



Like You Never

15 Feb


I’m really excited about TY’s “Kick, Snare and an Idea”EP. The first song from the EP is “Like You Never”. I had the pleasure of hearing him perform this soulful jam recently, it was awesome. Put the 10th April in your diary for the Jazz Cafe release party too, not gonna give away any spoilers but it’s an event you don’t wanna regret missing. See you there!

The Revolution is Right Here in Front of You

17 Feb

Egyptians protested for 18 days to stop the regime of President Mubarak and on Feb11 2011, they were rewarded. I can only imagine the elation of witnessing a revolution unfold right in front of you. But a revolution is rarely a revolution without bloodshed and sadly people lost their lives in the process. On twitter a lot of people were saying Tunisia’s done it, Egypt has done it, now it’s time for the UK! Hmmmm. Minus the fire extinguisher debacle, I’ve been impressed by the student protesting this year in the UK, however it might take a whole lot more before our government start listening to the people. But lets not lose hope, we’ve seen people power in full effect! And with that said, SAVE OUR LIBRARIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“Mummy travelled over 3000 miles to turn 3000 tears into 3000 smiles”

Anyways this week I thought I’d share this revolutionary tune (some of you might know it already) it’s a track called Right here in front of you produced by Unsung Heroes and is featured on The Rough Guide to African Rap album. The drums on this track were by the legendary Tony Allen who alongside Fela Kuti created the Afro beat rhythms. I got a call from TY who asked if I wanted to join him on the track and I jumped at the chance. It was an honour to be part of such a project and remains one of the highlights of my musical career. It’s possibly the most encompasing verse I’ve ever written. The opening line summed up what the whole verse was gonna do. It defined what we do as MCs and had some Yoruba in there, I later added some Pidgin English, name checked everyone involved on the record, gave a shout out to mum and imagined this being an audible telegram to my people in Nigeria. I remember writing the lyrics in the studio and running them past Ty to see what he thought. He really liked them so it was all good. I laid down the vocals and that was that. Ty came up with the catchy chorus from a line from his 1st verse. I don’t know if he realised how powerful it was when he chose it.


“I rhyme for an Englishman, Dominican, Algerian
Brazilian, Sicilian, Nigerian or Indian…”

Here’s another archived tune I dug up the other day, courtesy of Reggae Hip Hop producer and DJ, Keith Lawrence. It’s another track I did with Ty full of vibes and just having fun. It’s called Bounce, enjoy. Next week we’ll return to the unreleased and unheard tunes, so stay tuned. Spread the blog!