15 Apr

563081_449298421816186_58106276_nHuge congratulations to TY on his EP launch party at Jazz Cafe on 10 April 2013. Epic, incredible, amazing is how people have described that night. Jazz Cafe was ram jam with old school, new school heads and bundles good energy. Man Vs Wife, Bunny Bread, Madd P (Boogie Bunch) kept the crowd rocking in between sets. Tickets were completely sold out and some people couldn’t get in. IMG_7793 With a line up that had Native Sun, Pumpkin, BREIS, Mystro as well as a TY feature with Akala and Durtygoodz, only good things could be expected. Every single artist brought their A game and came with their own chamber.
Native Sun and DJ KMT opened up with their blend of soulful Afro-Hip Hop. French outfit, Pumpkin was on next with an awesome sound and tight le francais delivery.
2033590_orig Then myself and DJ Big Ted took to the stage taking no prisoners with lyrics, vibes and lots of energy. Mystro aka Mysdiggi hit the stage afterwards and lyrically slapped up the place.That guy is too funny!

When Ty hit the stage, the crowd swayed and responded to his every word, sound, movement and joke. It was something incredible to behold. Anyone who knows TY, already knows that you’re gonna get maximum quality but what we’re in danger of forgetting is exactly how many classic tunes my brother has! He drew tunes from his past albums and his new A Kick, Snare And An Idea EP. 1744594_orig I think it’s fair to say that the “Knock knock” dance as it’s being dubbed for the song “Knock, Knock” was a visual highlight. Over 400 people dancing in sync, beautiful.

Another highlight for me was also meeting Durtygoodz for the first time, an incredible MC. I did crack up at his unscripted freestyle, that was funny. I have to say I was really moved by the amount of love shown that day by peeps. It was really encouraging as an artist to experience that. So big up to all who were involved in putting that show together – Jazz Cafe and Supa Dupa Fly and all the supporters that made it down. Massive shout out to Javed, who was in a wheelchair right at the front. Your words were amazing. Thank you.









2 Responses to “AKSAAI”

  1. reddskinbags April 22, 2013 at 9:22 pm #

    It was a truly great night! I feel privileged to have been part of it. You’re so right about the love and support in the room! Electrifying! x


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