AKS – Train of Thought EP Review

22 Jul

AKS_TOT_02-1024x6833 years ago AKS’ dropped a classic EP – The Bus Stop EP! Truth Be Told, I’ve been patiently anticipating his sophomore project and am delighted it’s finally here. It picks up where its predecessor left off entitled Train of Thought. Apart from being a one of the UK’s top lyricists, AKS has a knack for choosing great music to flow to. Back like he never left, the EP starts off with the energetic title track, Train of Thought produced by Kefas, co produced by AKS and Self Taught beats. The lyrics here set the mood for the EP and break down AKS’ journey in music. When he begins to croon the line  “look how far I’ve come but there’s still a long way to go”, so many artists will nod their head knowing that this is a predominant feeling when you’ve made mad moves but still have bigger goals to reach. aks-train-of-thought-ep Stay With Me is next up with a soulful soundscape and a barrage of lyrics full of deft wordplay. Real Deal shows off AKS’ vivid lyrical imagery accompanied by one of my favourite vocalists and songwriters, Obenewa. A lot of the EP (including this song) was produced by DemDrums who did an awesome job. Still is full of dope one liners like “I’m trying to feed my people but I don’t do trap”. Talk To Me, has a bass heavy, laid-back groove perfect for AKS’ distinctive flow and voice. He’s always been confident to sing melodic hooks and does a great job here. Who Cares might be my favourite tracks, jazzy and emotive. Coming Home is AKS’ manifesto stating he’s here to stay and do this thing called music. The EP ends with Freedom of Being Free showing his integrity in his approach to music and ends with the words “I am not a product of my environment, my environment is a product of me” BOOM!! Overall I’m really feeling the whole project and like the way he uses the theme of travel to tell his story. In the outro AKS arrives at the airport and is asked how his journey was so far to which he replies “it was delayed, but I’m here now”.  A clever metaphor for the ups and downs many independent artists experience in the UK. Can’t wait to hear how he takes off in full flight from here. Download your copy.

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/AKSonline

Website: http://www.aksmusic.co.uk

Stay with me video


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